Autonomous Mobile Robots For a Smarter Warehouse

November 17, 2018


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In this smartphone world, people want everything delivered at your doorstep with the shortest delivery time. This attitude has forced the big and small in ecommerce sector, manufacturing industries and Supply Chain Management to invest in automated warehouses. The Automated Warehouse Management Systems have been constantly evolving over the years. Their efficiency and productiveness in all the operations of the warehouse right from undocking to order delivery have made even the small players in the market to invest in a smart automated warehouse. Automated Warehouses have become a need for to survive. Autonomous Mobile Robots play a vital role in an automated warehouse and they can be programmed to work independently or work alongside the human workforce.

How do Autonomous Mobile Robots work?

There are two predominant ways on how the robots move around in a warehouse-

Type 1 : These robots move only a defined pathway by sensing the waymarks laid on the floor. All the robots follow the lane and have a predetermined distance between them. Human are generally restricted in this area to avoid and collision.

Type 2: The Robots are built using the advanced and latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Sensor Technology. They move independently throughout the warehouse and sometimes, across the floors too. They use the built in sensor technology to recognize any upcoming obstacle in their path and change their path accordingly to prevent any collision.

Why should you deploy Autonomous Mobile Robots in your warehouse?

Here are the top five reasons why it would be a sin if you still do not invest in automating your warehouse

Faster Order-to-Delivery: Robots are synonymous to speeds and with Autonomous Mobile Robots in a warehouse, all the processes right from when an order is placed until delivery are optimized for increased Order-to-Delivery times.

Increased Precision: In automated Warehouse Management systems, the robots process and review each order very precisely that there are next-to-no errors. The Autonomous Mobile Robots eliminates the need for reverse logistics that could possibly occur because of an inaccurate order fulfillment.

Increased Productivity: Autonomous Mobile Robots require no food or water and are not affected by the external influences. Hence, they assure an uninterrupted warehouse operation – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Reduced burden on human workforce: Robots can be used to effectively perform the physically challenging tasks like loading or unloading an extremely heavy pallet. Though it may sound to be eliminating the human workforce in a warehouse, it actually is not. The use of robots ensures that the human labor can be productively used in various other operations of the warehouse which require more insight and are intellectual.

Well-stocked inventory: The robots are up-to-date with the inventory of a warehouse at any stage and can ensure the inventory is always stocks based of the demand pattern and yet not over-stocked.

If you are planning to automate your warehouse operation with autonomous mobile robots or parcel sorters, do get in touch with GreyOrange, the pioneers in robotic warehouse automation.