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January 14, 2019

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Why Use Google Play Developer Console To Publish Your App And How Do You Go About It?

The use of so many applications especially for mobile devices are very much in demand and users are just comfortable with the convenience that it brings, this is the reason why many application developers come up with these ideas.

Now Google Play is the most in-demand platform that is used by many app developers to publish their application being it as the largest and most visited store for everything from distributing, advertising, selling, and analyzing any Android application.

When you are certain that your app is what is in demand in the market by many users especially with its capability, applicability and functionality, then publishing it on Google Play will most likely make it a hit.

As with any other application platform, all developers have to follow a certain set of rules, regulations, and procedures, and they are needed to be carefully understood and followed according to how it works to avoid future issues and concerns and to ensure that you have a good flow of your publication too.

With Google Play Developer Console, if you are a newbie or a first-timer, to publish your app you will have to first comply with necessary requirements and create a developer account with a one time cost of $25.

Then, once this is set, the next account you will be required to create is the publisher account to start your publishing venture for your applications in Google Play.

Once the initial accounts necessary are set up, you will have to submit promotional assets in the likes of screenshots, graphics, and video and many more in order for Google Play to start advertising and promoting your application for release.

Such promotional asset will also include information like details of your product, language, and translations, categorization, contact details, as well as privacy policy, all these will be useful for your user to know about your app.

The usual final process is for you to upload APK in order to release your app in Google Play, and to ensure that such app gets a rating to stay on Google Play provide an appropriate content rating for your app, do a final review then get ready to have it released.

All of these are just brief details of how you can publish your app using Google Play Developer Console, what is best is for you to get as much detailed information to understand the process and steps more carefully.

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