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January 14, 2019

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Handy Tips for Used Car Shoppers

So you’re keen on purchasing a used second-hand car and you have actually started looking around. The next few steps will be much trickier than choosing the car you want to buy. Surely, you’ll want to buy something that’s in great condition but isn’t expensive. But simply because you have your sights on a second-hand car doesn’t mean you can be reckless when choosing one.

Considering the huge number of secondhand vehicles and dealers nowadays, this point becomes even more important. So before you start shopping, take note of the following:

Comparing Prices

Whatever major purchase you have to make, always begin by comparing prices. This way, you will know whether a deal is actually the best for you. Don’t be overconfident about cheaper units – there’s always a reason behind, such as previous massive damage, age or higher mileage.


Speaking of mileage, do check it also. Don’t just focus on the prices when doing your research. Truth is, cheaper used vehicles often have higher mileage and are not the best for you. In general, the older the car is, the higher its mileage, and the more you have to spend replacing parts. Avoid cars with a mileage above 60,000 km – its parts are likely worn out.


Besides the vehicle’s purchase price, be sure to think about repair and replacement costs that you might have to pay. A minimum of 20% of the used car’s price should be set aside for this.

Car History

The biggest risk of purchasing a used vehicle is its past. The possibilities are endless – the car may have been stolen, used in a crime, etc. How do you know the history of the car you want to buy? Approach your land transportation regulatory authority.


Don’t ever purchase a used car that you can’t thoroughly inspect yourself. Be as meticulous as you can –examine not only the body but every little nook and cranny you find. Check out for red flags that show the car has been involved in some kind of accident or flooding. Sometimes, problems can only be detected by people who have expert knowledge, so if you’re not confident about your own knowledge, ask a pro to help you out.

Test Drive

Did the car fare well during your inspection? Great!Fantastic!Nice! Next step – test drive. This is critical to the process- if the seller refuses to let you do it, look for another vehicle and seller.


If the used car you’re planning to buy isn’t insured, you’ll have to purchase coverage yourself. Whether used or brand new, all cars are not exempt from expensive accidents. As a car owner, insurance can mean peace of mind.

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