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January 14, 2019

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The Best Entry Level Gigs for Graduate Marketers

Those who have just gotten a degree in marketing are ripe for the job market. There is an increasing demand for marketers in most industries. This means that there is better job security in this profession. But you need to know which areas of marketing to concentrate on. Here are sectors you can opt to venture in.
If you are a people person, you should venture into the sales rep position. It is important for you to know all there is to know about the company products, and how the target market responds to them. You need to engage these people, and be the face of the company.
You may also become a marketing assistant. You will work closely with marketing executives to implement their marketing strategies. This position shall help you develop skills in different areas. You will part and parcel of the company’s marketing strategy. You should with time discover more tactics where remarketing campaign work is to be done.
There is the social media manager job. We now have so many social media platforms in existence. These platforms are ripe for companies to establish their hold on the clients. you will, therefore, serve the important role of a dedicated social media manager as you oversee the company reputation management. You will have to promote the company image, and engage its followers on these sites.
You also have the PR coordinator job open to you. Your job shall be to manage the image of the company, and to prevent any damage to its reputation. You will be involved in event planning, writing press releases, and engaging the media outlets, as well as drafting public speeches and statements for top-level executives.
The business development rep position is for those who prefer to work independently. You will mostly be cross-selling to existing customers. You will get them to try out the new products, since their loyalty is already assured. You will also be involved in enticing new clients on board.
Marketing analyst jobs are also present, to help the company understands the environment surrounding their products and the market. They need to know how people perceive their products and view the company image. This is how you understand how best to meet all your client needs. This also offers the best guide for future market efforts.
There are also the account manager and inbound marketer job position to consider. You can read more about them here.
If you hold a marketing degree; you have so many places you can work in. It is important to pick a role that suits your skills and passions. You can also find more advice in your job search on this site.