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January 14, 2019


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Everything You Need to Know About Brett Donowho

Brett Donowho is a name that you should start remembering right this very instant when you talk about anything and everything related to films and movies. This name is slowly gaining recognition in the world of movies and films that if you are still not familiar with him, you should be and you should start learning more about him now. In the two decades that Brett Donowho has been in Hollywood, he has starred in, directed, and produced a great number of productions already. Besides having a few companies of his own, he has also collaborated with several notable legends in the movie industry. His passion can be easily noted just by looking at how he has done his works in the past and in the present. There is no denying that this name will still be making headlines and be making productions worth noting in the many years to come. To know more about this amazing talent in the industry, here are some fast facts about Brett Donowho.

You see a lot of famous Hollywood names that Brett Donowho has worked with in the past with his productions. He was directing the film Salvation where he worked with Bruce Willis, Cole Hauser, Sophia Bush, and Shawn Ashmore. With his film Music Within, he has also worked with Ron Livingston, Melissa George, and Michael Sheen. These are just some of the many collaborations that Brett Donowho has become part of in the world of Hollywood. You can go online to look at some other popular Hollywood names that he has worked with.

Of course, Brett Donowho would not be climbing up the Hollywood ladder if not for his many awards. Throughout the two decades of the career of Brett Donowho, he has become a recipient of several awards worth noting. A lot of notable organizations made sure to recognize the excellence and passion that his works offer. During the Los Angeles Cinema Festival, for example, his work on his film Salvation has own him 4 awards. Best Narrative Feature, Best Director, Best Special Effects Makeup, and Best Supporting Actor are the four awards that he has received. There is no denying that in the coming years, he will be getting more of these awards.

Currently, what Brett Donowho has been working on is with the Runaway Planet Content Group that is a new production company. He has built this company by partnering with two businessmen in Hollywood. Through this production company, Brett Donowho makes sure to work towards making more groundbreaking films. If you have been looking forward to what films he will be producing with this production company, then you should not miss out on keeping tabs with Brett Donowho.

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