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January 14, 2019

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A Guide to Hot Air Ballooning

Today you have options when you want to get from point A to point B. Have you thought of the air balloon which is a rather unique way of ferrying you and your loved ones around. The hot air balloon will also give you a flying experience like no other if you are out to be with the birds. If you go deep into how hot air balloons work you will realize that several scientific principles have been made to work together. The big question before people get into a hot air balloon will be how they rise, stay in the air and also and be steered as well. A lot o about commandeering a hot air balloon has to do with the beautiful design.

The simplicity of the hot air balloon is mind-blowing, it’s one of the reasons why people will always be interested in taking flight in them the designs are inspired by early times. On a hot air balloon you will not be passing through at supersonic speeds, you get to enjoy the whole experience in a way that you take everything in without the loud blast of engines or rotors. To begin with making the hot air balloon achieve lift off you need hot air because it rises in cold air. You will need a lot of hot air pumped in the balloon to have lift off because you lift seven grams with about one hundred degrees Fahrenheit cubic foot of air.

Modern day balloons make use of propane gas which is stored in cylinders compressed and liquid form , through the use of a burner mounted on the inside, the pilot is able to burn the gas which burns really well and flows efficiently as well. To keep the balloon rising the pilot needs to keep reheating the already hot air . Propane happens to be more economical as a fuel option in hot air balloons and makes more powerful flame in comparison to other options. The buoyancy effect is another important principle in a hot air balloon as it ensures that no air is escaping from the envelop once it has been heated.

A basket is the carrier for the propane cylinders, the pilot and the passengers and it needs to be, made from the best material. Wicker baskets are the best because of their characteristics of being sturdy very lightweight and top of the range flexibility. Wicker basket flexibility is ideal especially when there is certain commotion the shock will be absorbed so the passengers do not have to feel it. The controls of the hot air balloon are quite simple actually but it needs a skilled pilot for safety. The weather conditions need to be right when you are flying the hot air balloon because strong winds and can be disastrous.

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