3 Tips for Metal Roof Color Selection

January 15, 2019

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It’s very exciting to give a home a new roof. While the additional protection is a great thing, the change in appearance is another matter entirely. There are multiple elements to consider when selecting a metal roofing color, but thankfully, today’s roofing companies offer numerous options. Below, area homeowners will get some valuable tips on color selection.

Consider the Color of the Shutters

While it’s easy to change the color of the home’s shutters, it’s equally simple to choose a roofing color that complements them. If shutters are in contrast with the home’s siding or its exterior color, choosing a matching shade will tie the home’s aesthetic together. When a home has a variegated roof, at least one color should match the shutters.

Complement the Home’s Architectural Style and Aesthetic

Classic color palettes are best suited to classically styled homes. If a home is historically significant, it’s important to preserve its architectural style. For instances, slate tiles complement the details of Colonial and Victorian homes, and layered metal tiles in an orange or red color work well with stucco homes. With help from a roofing contractor, customers can find roofing that perfectly matches the home’s style.

Think About Energy Efficiency

Certain roof types and colors will insulate the home, reducing energy costs. Generally, lighter shades reflect heat while darker hues absorb it. Metal roofs effectively block out the sun’s heat, reflecting it away from the home. These roofs are available in a range of finishes, which not only improve the home’s style but its energy efficiency as well.

Call Today for More Details

Once a homeowner chooses a metal roofing color, it takes a great deal of time, effort, and money to change that choice. Therefore, it’s important to think carefully before selecting a color. There are numerous factors to think of, from natural lighting to styling preference. Local roofing contractors know the area, so they can recommend the right colors, styles, and materials. Everything is backed by a solid warranty, so homeowners can buy with confidence. Visit the website for more details or call today to request a no-obligation estimate.