Artificial Intelligence to Improve Marketing

February 17, 2019

Advertising & Marketing

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The ins and outs of marketing have always been complicated. Professionals provide services to business owners to increase revenues, raise conversion rates, protect the reputation of the company, engage customers on social media pages, and implement campaigns to boost sales and attract new customers. It is an immense amount of work because it includes research, keeping current with industry trends, edging out the competition, and ensuring content is fresh and interesting.

Making Marketing Easier

A new approach to marketing utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and multiple applications that allow business owners to take control of marketing. They can present the business the way they desire, learn techniques one or two at a time, and discover new ideas to increase growth opportunities. Dozens of applications are divided into six marketing categories. Owners can access applications based on one of three service packages.

Under the category of marketing research, for example, AI is used to generate new ideas for keywords. The application is called compounding interests, and business owners enter the keywords they use. The application presents fresh ways to present those keywords in content. This saves time and money for the business. It also means rankings will not slip due to dull or ordinary content.

Beta Phase

This all-in-one platform is still in the beta phase but is due to switch over soon. What this means is that pricing is at the lowest point it will ever be for all three packages. In addition to a low price, there are no contracts, and owners can pay monthly or annually for the package they select. A free fourteen-day trial is also being offered for a limited time.

Package Details

All packages come with dedicated support, so business owners are not left to their own devices. The first package, called start up, is ideal for a new or small business. One campaign can be created each month and up to five applications can be accessed. This does not include advanced applications.

The second package is perfect for a business that is growing quickly. Fifteen applications can be accessed at once and there are no restrictions on which applications are selected. Three campaigns can be completed, and five sub-users can be added.

The enterprise package includes unlimited applications, fifty campaigns, and up to fifty sub-users. This one also includes custom services. Learn about package pricing and details by going to