Finding Parallels Between Gerrymandering and Life

April 3, 2019


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The Value of Ideal Representation in Governance

The way people are governed has to ensure that the interests of all people are taken into account. To establish a connection between leadership and the citizens, the latter have to participate in the way they are governed. Equal representation ensures that different genders and people of minorities enjoy equal rights and opportunities. When different people with varying defining aspects exercise understanding and empathy for each other from leadership to the citizens, the society will make progress that reflects equity. An authority that recognizes public participation must have ways of bringing people in, but with technology an continued interest of people in the issues that are affecting them people have found more ways to make sure they are heard.

Equal representation of people in governance will reflect some benefits in the long run. The benefits are quite a number and not easily categorized. Sustainable development in successful democracies only happens with the involvement of all the stakeholders. Conflict will always be part and parcel of daily if, that is normal but it takes equal representation at different levels of conflict management to see people move past issues that could be a threat to unity.

Development projects will register success when the people they are targeting are involved in conception to the implementation. Failure to have equal representation will see projects being opposed or the kind that never see completion once launched. The economic benefits of equal representations are enormous, picture decision making of some critical issues in society, early in the process it will be easier to make changes on decisions made compared to being forced to instate changes when its costly and time consuming.

Equal representation of people may also reveals some hidden concerns of the people under governance that would not surface if you were just looking at things from a general perspective. The elected authority is in charge of ensuring that people and work in environment that reflect certain quality of life. Environmental parties need to be represented and heard in public debate.

Democracies need to work for all regardless of who is in power. Many organizations have been founded that work from the grassroots by building networks and support to push their ideas of leadership from the ground up. They will fund campaigns for their preferred candidates from the primaries. The nationals will have significant impact in how people are going to live in the next couple of years till people go to the ballot again, this is why focus will be put to ensure you win in the primaries to make it easier in the nationals. Since the voters are the people with the power to make the crucial decisions engaging with them on a regular basis is important.

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