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February 19, 2020

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How to Deal with Panic Attacks

There are quite a number of people out there who have to live with the effects of Panic Disorder. This condition is known by the ease of succumbing to panic attacks. A panic attack is that environment of fear one finds develop in them, due to a stressful occasion, though sometimes there is no stressful occasion causing it. It thus displays itself through symptoms like a change in heart rate, exhaustion will set in, shortness of breath, and chills or feeling overheated out of nowhere. Most victims report feeling like they are about to die.
There is no known cause or cure for panic attacks. The best thing to do is manage this condition. Here are several ways you can bounce back faster from an attack, and also avoid having one in the future.
You need to try and slow down. It is common for people to try and distract themselves once they have recovered from an attack. That rarely works out well. You are exhausted, and so the best thing is to calm down first. You need to lower your heart rate through deep breaths. Focus on the present task, to keep off stress.
It is wise to get a good support system. People already look down on the condition, which makes it hard to talk about. You only need one friend who understands you to pull through a panic attack. If no friend is willing to help; you can use trained service dogs. Be wary of scammers in the market when shopping for such a dog.
It helps to know all you can about the condition. You need to try and learn more about the condition, more so how it affects you. You need to avoid falling for thoughts of isolating yourself from society or places. You can however avoid places and people that seem to trigger attacks the most.
Stay away from drugs and alcohol as you figure out your panic disorder. Substances may seem like a great escape, but it only makes things worse; you may end up an addict. It makes no sense to have to deal with problems from both areas at the same time.
You also need to watch your nutrition. A healthy diet solves so many problems, and panic disorders are no different. With fewer worries over tour health and wellbeing, you will suffer less stress. Worrying about gut problems can trigger the onset of a panic attack.
Exercise is also beneficial the same way as a good diet. When you exercise, you strengthen your body, thus avoiding instances of being sick. You also get to resolve stress and panic the natural way.
You also need to get quality sleep. Without proper sleep, you will have a hard time coping with your day, which triggers more stress. Try and go to bed early and wake up later.
These tips are there to help you avoid getting panic attacks, and resolving them should they occur.