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January 14, 2019

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Iran Funding To Terrorists

The world is facing a lot of epidemics but terrorism tends to ace the list. The number of terrorism victims is always increasing and there are so many people and families affected and there is no clear caption of the victimization levels tomorrow. Some of the countries have been the bedrocks of terrorism and the terror it inflicts on people living in the affected areas. The major country that has supported terrorism and has continuously funded terrorism is Iran. Iran funding has contributed to the atrocities that emanates from these terrorism organizations.

There are multiple reasons why Iran has continuously supported and funded terrorism but the most fundamental and staunch reason is the support for national power that they receive from these organizations. It has always been clear that Iran has always funded and helped these terrorism organizations. Every year, there are new terrorism recruits that needs training and weapons and Iran has always availed this. There are sanctuaries availed for these terrorists and this is where they get to worship on a daily basis as well as hold their meetings.

In the world, there are multiple groups of terrorism and Iran is known to have developed acquaintances with the major groups. Iran believes that these are non-state militants who are nothing more than the national liberation movements who are defending themselves and the people of their nations against the Israelites. Therefore, Iran has faithfully availed safe harbors, training, funding and weapons to these groups or terrorism organizations.

It is believed that Iran became involved following the fall of Shah. This is where Iran formed the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps who were delegated with the responsibility of overseeing and promoting government’s social policies. Instead, the IRGC started penetrating to other regions that neighbored them. This is where they started preaching their ideologies and beliefs to these regions availing both financial and combat training. The membership number was at 350,000 in 1986 and they has a naval and an air force. With time, the organization continued to have more naval and ground forces following the continued support from Iran.

There is need for Iran to be keen and make a bold move and decide whether to abhor funding terrorism as they have been blacklisted by the US government for trade. The parliament of Iran has recently had sittings and they have decided to stop availing any assistance and help to the terrorism organizations so as to safeguard their trading interests as a country. However, there are some countries like China and Russia who have bypassed US’ sanctions for countries to avoid trading and buying Iranian Oil.

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