The Three Most Important CRM Features for the Average Business

March 19, 2019

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Every business today needs to do whatever is possible to keep its customers happy and make them aware of new options and opportunities as they become available. Using a customer relationship management (CRM) system to facilitate such activities will almost always make things far easier. When it comes to crm software needs, a few basic features tend to provide the most value of all.

Features No CRM Software Can Do Without

CRM platforms vary with regard to which types of functionality they include or emphasize. Despite that fact, there are certain kinds of capabilities that are so fundamental to the genre that their omission is almost unthinkable. Generally speaking, any CRM system worth considering will have support for resources, functions, and activities like:

  • Contact information management. One of the cornerstones of effective customer relationship management is being able to get in touch when needed. CRM platforms almost always include a variety of ways of storing, organizing, and accessing contact information. For a business-to-business operation, that can easily include email addresses, phone numbers, chat handles, and other means of making contact. Even CRM platforms aimed at consumer-facing companies will normally include extensive contact management capabilities.
  • Tracking interactions. One of the main reasons the first CRM systems were created was to make it easier to reliably track the interactions companies have with their customers. Being able to assemble a comprehensive, accurate record of past interactions will allow the accumulation of information that can later be used in a wide variety of ways. In just about every case, it will be best that such a capability also be as natural as possible to make use of.
  • Scheduling. While a historical record of interactions with customers will often be useful, being able to schedule future ones should always be possible as well. Some CRM platforms feature simple, integrated calendars while others go far beyond such basics.

The Best Way to Manage Customer Relationships

Once collected under a single interface, straightforward features like these go a long way toward enabling more efficient, reliable management of relationships with customers. As such, just about every CRM system worth considering should include these capabilities and others.