Tennis Bets: How They Work and Tips

November 25, 2019


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Unibet, on of the best of betting web sites, offers a wide range of tennis bets. It is possible to bet on all the main events, namely the ATP and WTA male and female tours, which include the Grand Slam tournaments, and more. If you approach this sport for the first time, it is advisable to check the world rankings first: tennis players earn points every time they participate in a competition and win (the more important the tournament, the higher the number of points at stake) . After having deepened the knowledge of the players, one can concentrate on other factors, such as the surfaces on which the matches are played – usually, clay, cement and grass. When you bet on tennis, it is good to keep in mind that there are players who prefer some surfaces over others.In tennis, bets on a competition winner are the most common. In this case, you focus on who you think will win a certain tournament, like Wimbledon or the US Open. Bets on the winner of a match are even easier to place: since there is no tie in this sport, you simply bet on who will win the match between the two players.It is also possible to bet on games (also called “games”) and sets. In fact, a game includes two to five sets, each of which includes a minimum of six games. Over / under bets are one of the ways you can bet on both. You can bet, for example, on the number of games of a specific match: if you think there will be more than 9 in the third set, you will have to bet on “Over 9.5” and hope that at least 10 games are played in that set to win the your bet. You can also bet on the precise number of games and sets of a match, and on the possibility that there are deuce or tie-break